Land Service

We offer a wide range of land services such as

Upgrading of land document

The most common application is from a Certificate of Land Utilisation (Nor Sor 3 Gor) to a land title deed / Chanote (Nor Sor 4 Jor). This process greatly increases the value of the land as the Chanote is regarded as the only document which can be described as a land title deed equivalent to those in the West. Although one can legally sell, transfer, create a lien, servitude etc. with a Certificate of Land Utilisation as with the Chanote, only the land title deed / Chanote (Nor Sor 4 Jor) confers ownership of land. Land held under a Chanote is accurately surveyed and its area and boundaries are set using GPS.

Replacement of Chanote (Nor Sor 4 Jor) markers

During construction of house, road etc. or after a long period of time, the land markers used to denote the boundaries of a Chanote land may be misplaced or moved. We can assist you in the accurate replacement of the Chanote markers which are issued by the Land Department and numbered.

Sub-division (partition)

Subdivision of a bigger piece of land is required when more than 1 plot of land or a road is desired. It also allows the sale and transferring of a portion of land. In the event a plot of land is co-owned by 2 or more entities, we are able to subdivide the land into several plots with different different entities owning each plot.

Many developers ask the question of subdividing a piece of land into more than 9 plots. Please contact us for advice.

Surveying and measurement of area and boundaries

What happens when a Chanote marker is misplaced, or when the boundaries of a land needs to be ascertained? Exact area of a piece of land is critical to the selling price, thus the whole transaction. It is also essential to know precisely the boundaries of your land when building a house, so as to comply with the building regulations, or even to prevent encroachment. These are several costly issues which can be avoided if a land survey is done prior. Many encroachment disputes in the past have been resolved by our professional land surveyors.

Confirmation of land location against land document

How do you know if the land document you are given for a piece of land you are planning to purchase, is the land you have seen? The documents are all in Thai language and only states the location of the land being in one of the 7 Tambols (Sub-Districts). This simple but very important point is frequently missed when purchasing a piece of land. Through our surveyors, we are able to ascertain the exact location according to a copy of the land document.

Our designated surveyors have years of experience in the above mentioned fields. They are well-versed in their trade and are familiar with the red tapes in the Land Department. The land services we provide are very reasonably priced. Accuracy in processing time is one of our main forte. Whether you are an owner of a small piece of land or a developer, we extend our land services to you with equal professionalism. Please contact us for a consultation and/or quotation.